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The WMAC is growing up by the WMAGC = World Martial Arts Games Committee. These open, free (no Federation) Committee was leaded by Kenneth Marchtaler (CAN). Founded in 2005 as a new platform for all Martial Arts Sports.

In the year 2013 Kenneth Marchtaler cancelled the WMAGC and tells all Members that they should be a member of TAFISA. At the same year Harald Folladori (AUT) appoint to the new president of WMAGC, because Ken was nominated as a Commissioner in TAFISA.

The new president wants to receive the community of the members and show them at the world meeting a new concept. It should bring all a new structure for the future. So he founded 2013 the WMAC as a new federation and not only a community for one tournament.

The present nations agreed the new concept and told their readiness for a membership in the WMAC. So they agreed that the new WMAC should also be member in the family of TAFISA. The members take part in the 1st TAFISA World Games 2014 to support it.

The WMAC offers:

Transnational Comittee for martial artists
Platform for all kinds of events
Platform for training of all kinds
Cooperation with the major world organizations
Create opportunities for our athletes to participate in major events
Cooperation with TAFISA and their partners
Host of WORLD MARTIAL ART GAMES once a year in the respective member countries
Assistance in the development of the institutions
Open to all athletes and Instutitionen

The WMAC Board consists of:

1. President
2. Vice-president
3. Secretary General
4. Chairmen of Representatives
5. Chairmen of Rules committee
6. Sports Manager
7. Event Manager
8. Treasurer

Official Logos and Emblem from the WMAC:

Rundlogo WMAC





WMAC 2013 Eckig klein




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Homepage:      www.wmac-world.com

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Email: headquarter@wmac-world.com

WMAC is a legal, Non-Profit Organisation, recognized by the Austrian Government (Legalisation Number 4501574355). It is builded up for a worldwide support and community in Martial Arts.