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  • New Generation Cup in Austria
    Bericht und Emotionen: NMAC New Gen 2019
    Resultate / Results: NewGen + BoV_RankingResults_2019
  • Battle of Vienna – Mattensportturnier
    Bericht und Emotionen: NMAC BoV 2019
    Resultate / Results: NewGen + BoV_RankingResults_2019
  • WMAC/CISCAM Italian Light Contact Festival
    Inside the Roma Aurelia Antica Hotel’s hall, great success for the light contact gala organized by WMAC Italy and FIKM-CISCAM International. The competition take Place after the 28th International Stage of Krav maga, and It was a real show of kickboxing light, with fights and exibitions of fighters of high technical level! Clou of the gala, the official defense of the European Pro AM Title in light contact, between Sergio de Marchi from Italy (champion both for WMAC and CISCAM) and the Challenger chosen by CISCAM, Marius Pirlea Valentin from Moldova. The match was spectacular and fair; at the end of round two, Pirlea’s corner decided to stop the fight because of some clean shots of de Marchi that have put in serious difficulty the Challenger. So Sergio de Marchi was the clear winner of the fight, without protrsts and with the applause of all the hotel hall’s audience.


  • WKU/WMAC World Cup – Bregenz Open 2018
    Resultate / Results: Results Bregenzer Open 2018
    Clubwertung / Clubranking: Resultate Bregenz Open 2018 Clubranking
  • Dan Examinations and International Budo Seminar in Wetzgau, Germany
    Report: Bericht Budoseminar
  • International Referee Seminar in Bregenz (Austria)
    the New Year is going on and our first Event „International Refereeseminar“ are History.WMAC want to hold you informed thats why wem ade it as last year and give our Newsletter out. So you have all NEWS youst in time.
    Das Jahr hat bereits erfolgreich begonnen und das erste Event 2017 ist schon wieder Geschichte. Wir erlauben uns euch auch heuer wieder in alter Manier, mittels Newsletter zu informieren und auf dem NEUESTEN Stand zu halten.We host it as every Year in January. And it was amazing – more then 62 Referees from 3 Continents and 12 Nations was here in Bregenz (AUT). They learn the Rulesbook in a new Variation of teaching in Multimedia Classrooms and real Fighters on real areas. Our Seminars are also a come together for one of the importenst Persons on the area – the Referees! Without them NO tournaments.So we need good, experience people and give them the best input to work for all of us.2 Days Rules & Tournamet managment was very successfull for all of us.The farest way have had the Team from Nepal. It was the 2nd time for these 4 peoples and they did an exellent job.
    Wie üblich fand der Internationaler Kampfrichterkurs auch Heuer wieder im Jänner in Bregenz statt. Es fanden sich 62 Teilnehmer aus 12 Nationen und 3 Kontinente hier in Österreich ein.Diese Jährliche Weiter & Fortbildung ist sehr wichtig für die Qualität und den Ausstausch unserer Richter. Die Ausbildung hat heuer ein sehr hohes Niveau erreicht und so wurde in eigenen Klassenzimmern (pro Disziplin) mit Multimedialen Tafeln und an echten Athleten sowie Turnieraufbau geübt. Der Kurs besteht zu 60% aus Praktischen Einheiten und bietet hier sehr spezielle Einblicke hinter die Kulissen. 2 Tage Sportspezifische Weiterbildung & Turniermanagment ergaben ein klares Ziel. Die Beste Ausbildung für die Entscheidungsträger auf der Fläche.Die weiteste Anreise hatten unsere Nepalesischen Freunde die bereits zum 2.mal in Bregenz waren und mit 4 Leuten ein gutes Team stellten!16195065_10210377048121518_8664865702079039321_n
    Budoshow or Budoevent? It was way much more than these words can tell. We had 14 Divisions of Martial Arts – all Styles combined by the WMAC platform. Munich – Gräfelfing made history as a new type of Martial Arts Shows and it was very successful. The arena was sold out and we watched a perfect show and great fights in all Disciplines. Creativ & Real Selfdefense,Forms, Weapon Forms, Karate Kumite, MMA Light, Grappling, Pointfight, Lightcontact,Kick Light, Fullcontact, Thaiboxing and K1. Highlight =The WORLD TITLE FIGHT in K1 – 86kg was the last Fight of this evening and it was a blast. Daniel Dörrer from Germany vs. Lawrence Nmai from Ghana – They fought very hard and powerful. It was a very close match and the winner was Lawrence Nmai .We all came together from different styles and 12 different nations to take part in this special event. It was a fantastic show which will also get a revival in the near future. Thanks to all that took part and support our journey.


  • World Cup WMAC/WKU 2016 in Bregenz, Austria
    Mr. Folladori (World President): "this World Cup was a real Sensation , 3 Continents -12 Nations – 72 Clubs with 912 Starts are real fantastic facts for a tournament. It was a very special Event with full Categorys and a high level of fighters.The Organising was ecellent and all 6 areas start at the point 10.15 am and close all areas at 6.45 pm. All competitors have fair, clean fights with super Referees and friendships. Grand Champion, Team Fights, Kickboxing, Karate, Selfdevense, Forms and the Kids Divisions Rumble and No Contact are done with a maximum of success."

    see Report and Emotions: world-cup-bericht-2016-en (.pdf)
    siehe Bericht und Emotionen: world-cup-bericht-2016-ger
    siehe Ergebnislisten: bregenzer-open-2016_club-rankingbregenzer-open-2016_results

  • World Martial Arts Games 2017

    The Games are over – what fantastic Moments!In attachment the Report from our President: World-Games-Report-2016 (.pdf)
    Also you can find the Rankings, here: Country-Ranking,
    Club-RankingWMAG2016_Results (.pdf)
    For Pictures, please follow the link to our Facebooksite: Click HERE


  • 1. Juniors Cup in Bregenz, Austria
    Juniorscup is over and it was a big step for all of us. 304 starts with 168 competitors from 4 Nations shows a real upcoming success story.We started at 10.30am and ended at  5.15pm in time with a perfect organised Tournament. Thanks to all supporters, clubs, athletes ,Team Black Dragon , Parents and Referees…..this is called Team!



  • Austrian Athlets are honored!


  • Belt Examination from the Austrian KSU Black Dragon Bregenz, Report in German:
    siehe Bericht und Teilnehmer: BD Guertelpruefungen Mai 2016 (.pdf)




  • National Austrian Referee Seminar
    Also the next Referee Seminar was success! Thanks to all the Participant, we are lucky to have new Faces in our WMAC Family.
    Report in German: NMAC Schiedsrichterkurs 2016 (.pdf)




  • Bregenzer Open 2015: The international Austrian Cup is finished with cooperation from WMAC and WKU. We had more than 400 Competitor and 10 Nations in this Tournament, more as the World Games in Norwich this Year! It was a great Event with brilliant fights and a excellent Organisation. We was proud to held up this Event and thanks all the Fighters and Guests they made this Event to a very special Tournament. This was the last Event for this Year. We are happy to work with you all together in 2016.
    Report in German: Bericht Bregenzer Open 2015 (.pdf)


  • TAFISA Membership Application accepted!
    We are proud to report: we are now a official Member of the TAFISA Family. This makes us stronger as before and open new Ways for the Future of WMAC.
    TAFISA für Dokument





  • 9. World Martial Arts Games in Norwich (GB) 2015:
    The Games in Norwich are over and we look back on very moving moments. It took a total of 8 nations participate with 224 athletes and stood for two days the competitions in the various martial arts areas. The medal ranking was clear to the host = Great Britain, followed by Germany, Australia and Austria. The other nations had come with very little starters. Looking back at the last Games in 2013 in Bregenz (Austria), here were 400 starters from 16 nations represented, it became clear questioned why so few participants have arrived. The athletes who have spent months preparing for this tournament, they did their best and gave great competitions. Unfortunately, these competitions were held behind the scenes on the board and so the mood of these games was not in the spirit of sport.Nevertheless, the competitions are conducted successfully together and all nations were traveling back home safely.